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The Right Job Can Change Your Life – AlaTrade Koriaie Davis’ story

Full Transcript:

“I have worked at AlaTrade for 2 years. At first, I needed money. My wife had just had a kid, and I needed to step up, as the man, and provide for my family. I was doing side hustles, but it wasn’t enough to feed my family. So, one day I’d seen a job fair and my wife asked me do I need to go there, and I said, yeah, I’ll go. And I went and found a job at AlaTrade, and I’ve been here ever since.

When I first started, I was working in the vat hopper area.  I never cut chicken because, once they seen me at orientation and they seen how tall I was, and how strong I was, so they put me right where I needed to be.

I just applied myself.  I did that job for about 6 months, and after that, the opportunity to become a QA came up.  I wrote my name down, and I prayed that I got that position and, uh, I got it.  I got the position and I put 130% into that.  In the process of doing that, you know, I started to branch out a little bit and try to learn more about AlaTrade and learn more about being an MSC worker, learn more about debone, learn more about the back and shipping, learn how everything works and they saw that and they gave me another position which is now what I’m doing is the MSC coordinator.

MSC Coordinator means I’m the one who makes sure everything is done correctly, according to the numbers.  So, if they move 50,000 pounds worth of chicken, I’m the guy who logs the information in the system to the other plant to make sure that everything is accurate and up to date.  So that’s what I do.  But also, since I know how to do everything else, I go to back if they need help with the pallet jack driver, if they need somebody to do MSC Clerk, if they need somebody to run the MSC machine.  I do it all because I applied myself.

Man, let me put it to you, I get paid so good that my family was able to move from the South side of where I live at to where our apartment got broken into twice and now we live in a house with a front and a back yard. So, I mean, that’s one reason I stay here.  If you can take a family out of a bad situation and make it better, why change it?

If I met somebody who was in a situation similar to me, I would tell them come here because this is the opportunity to change your life. You ain’t got to have no degree.You ain’t got to have no prerequisites.  All you have to do is show up and you in a whole nother tax bracket.  Coming from the life that I grew up in, it ain’t many opportunities like this.

There’s only so much chaos you can live in before you just realize, I’ve got to make a change. And, I realized that now I need to make that change and, AlaTrade was the change that I needed. You know, they gave me an opportunity.  They didn’t, you know, ask too many questions.  They didn’t judge me.  They just said, hey man, come on in and show us what you got.  And I told them, I told them, you know, I’ll give you 120.

I never thought I’d be doing stocks and making this type of money working. Not me. But, hey, I’m here, making money, teaching people about stocks and I’m trying to change my whole family.

If you feel like you can’t make it through another or you’re just going through hard times, and you just need an opportunity, come to AlaTrade. It’s a career and something that I’m actually good at, and it’s given me the opportunity to not only feed my family but help other people.  And I know the people here. They treat me like family.  I believe if you’re a family, you stick together.

AlaTrade being 100% employee owned means that we have the opportunity to actually be a part of something that’s rare.  Only 1% of companies in the United States are actually employee owned.  This is historical, so why not be a part of history?”