Ala Trade

Our Products – Sales & Services 

Primary Products

  • Boneless Skinless Leg Meat
  • Boneless Skin-On Leg Meat
  • Boneless Skinless Leg Meat Diced & Strips 
  • USDA Graded Boneless Skinless Leg Meat (Fajita Grade) 
  • 99% Fat Free Portions both Conventional & NAE Available 
  • Sized Portions & Nuggets
  • Boneless Skinless Breast Trim 
  • Portioned Split Tenderloins
  • Chicken Skins both Dark and White 

Plant Technologies 

  • Hand Deboning of Front Halves & Whole Legs
  • Automatic Whole Leg & Thigh Deboning Systems
  • Disjointed Wing Segmenting 
  • X-Ray Technology  
  • Metal Detection Technology 
  • Intelligent Water Jet Portioners (DSI Machines 800 Series) 
  • Intelligent Knife Portioners (DB20) 
  • Breast & Tender Grading Systems 
  • Dark Meat Yield Plus Trimming System 
  • Dicing Equipment 
  • CVP Systems – Bulk or Individually sealed bags 
  • Tumble Marination & Bagging Systems 

4-Tiered Sales Program

  • Custom Toll Processing – Front Half Deboning, Whole Leg Deboning, Thigh Deboning, Portioning, Marination 
  • Food Service/Retail – Boneless Skinless Leg Meat, 99% Fat Free Portions, Sized Portions & Nuggets, Split Tenders
  • Consumer Packaged Goods – Boneless wings, chopped and formed products 
  • Export – Chicken Skin, Boneless Skinless/Skin-On Leg Meat, Boneless Skinless Breast Trim 
John Pittard - CEO

John Pittard

Josh Whitley - President
Josh Whitley
Kevin Parnell - VP of Operations
Kevin Parnell
VP of Operations
Greg West - VP of Sales
Greg West
VP of Sales