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Employees Win Big with the AlaTrade Jackpot

AlaTrade Gives $150,000 in Jackpot Drawings to Its Employee-Owners

On July 12th during shift breaks, the day shift and night shift teams at the AlaTrade Albertville, AL, and Boaz, AL, plants gathered in their respective break rooms for the AlaTrade Jackpot drawings. The management team then traveled to Phenix City, AL, and on July 13th during shift breaks, the day shift and night shift teams of the AlaTrade Phenix City, AL, plant gathered in their break room for the AlaTrade Jackpot drawings. Any employee-owner who had been with the company for a certain timeframe and exemplified good attendance had a chance to win a cash prize.

The Boaz and Albertville plants gave three $5,000 cash prizes and a $10,000 cash prize per shift per plant for a total of $25,000 per shift per plant or $50,000 in Jackpot drawings at each plant.

Albertville winners included: George Padron, John Rodriguez, Victor Garcia, Yaritza Martinez, Ashly Ibarra, Charles Hubbard, Jr., Raymond Falu Oliveras, and Marco Cisneros

While some of the Albertville winners had only been with the company a short time, others had worked here previously and returned to AlaTrade after working at other poultry plants. “This is the second time I’ve worked at AlaTrade,” said Victor. When asked why he returned, he said, “It’s obvious. The people. The great people at AlaTrade are the reason why I choose to work here.”

John shared this sentiment when he said, “I like the way people treat me here. I also like that the plant is always clean and in order.”

For others, AlaTrade has been an opportunity to change their lives. “Six years ago, I didn’t have a home,” said Charles. “This job has helped me get a home and get on my feet. AlaTrade gave me an opportunity. It’s a great place to work, and winning in the Jackpot has helped me even more.”

Boaz winners included: Cecilia Castaneda, Katlin Keith, Rosie Ohano, Fanta Cherif, Vinson Landa, Dakotah Hindbaugh, Jose Torres, Jr., Jenifer Barbosa

“I wasn’t expecting to win,” said Katlin. “I just love working with all these coworkers, and the management team is awesome.” Katlin has been with the company for over nine years.

Fanta, who has been with the company over 13 years, said, “Here is family for me. I really like it here.”

The day shift winners at the Boaz plant have over 40 years of combined work experience at AlaTrade, exemplifying their repeated sentiments of AlaTrade being a great place to work.

Several of the winners shared that the management and the coworkers are a big part of making AlaTrade a great place to work. “I like working here because the people treat me with respect,” said Vinson. “Thank you to my supervisors and my coworkers because we all work together to make things happen here.”

Jose added, “I appreciate the managers. Whenever the management team announces drawings like this, it makes us excited all year for a chance to win. I am so thankful for AlaTrade and for getting to work here. AlaTrade allows me to take care of my family, and whatever I’ve needed, AlaTrade has helped me to make it happen.”

The Phenix City plant gave two $5,000 cash prizes and a $15,000 cash prize per shift for a total of $25,000 per shift or $50,000 in Jackpot drawings at the Phenix City plant.

Phenix City winners included: Anthony Owens, Jeannette Ingram, Isaiah Smith, Jacqueline Banks, Terence Abercrombie, Maurice Dancy

“I’m glad to have won to help pay for my bills,” said Jeannette. “I love my job. I like the people, and I would tell everyone it’s a great place to work.”

In addition to helping with bills, the winners were excited about how much of a blessing it is to work for the company. “AlaTrade has been a turning point for me,” said Anthony. “I can do the work, and it is rewarded. The people are wonderful. Thank God for changing my life and placing me at AlaTrade. This is the last job I’ll ever have. I’m staying here until I retire.”

Isaiah shared this sentiment when he said, “I feel blessed that all my hard work is appreciated. No matter what, AlaTrade will give you a chance. You just have to come to work.”

In 2020 when the company transitioned to an ESOP, Davis Lee, the original owner of the company, made the decision to do something extra special for the people working on the lines in the plants. He wanted them to know their value in helping grow the company to what it is today. The 2022 AlaTrade Jackpot drawings were the culmination of this decision, and the excitement continued with the 2023 AlaTrade Jackpot.

The foundation of the AlaTrade company culture is one of putting its people and its customers as the primary focus. The decision in 2020 to create an ESOP, Employee Stock Ownership Plan, epitomized this culture of valuing people first. The employees of AlaTrade now effectively own the company where they work, and everyone committed to growing and staying with AlaTrade is rewarded for his or her hard work. Poultry processing is what AlaTrade does. Promoting people and pursuing profitability for their employee-owners and their customers is who they are.

To emphasize people and the role they play in building a successful business, AlaTrade developed five core values to guide everything they do: respect, results driven, dependable, integrity, and growth. The annual AlaTrade Jackpot rewards employees for being dependable by entering an employee’s name into the Jackpot drawings based on their attendance at work. If an employee-owner helps the company grow by recruiting another employee who wins in the Jackpot, the employee-owner can also win for recruiting dependable employees.

Not only did committed employees have a chance at the AlaTrade Jackpot at the beginning of July, but they are winning everyday as employee-owners! For your opportunity to become part of this winning team, visit

About AlaTrade: AlaTrade is a company working within the poultry industry to provide services for its customers that choose to outsource a part of their process. The relationship can be as simple as a fee for service (toll processing), or more complex to include co-packing of products for direct distribution. AlaTrade plants have approvals from many national account foodservice companies to produce products for their restaurants. All plants are BRC certified (quality systems), AMS certified (USDA Grading), and have active USDA Process Verification Programs in place. For more information, visit or call 256.505.4500.