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AlaTrade Gives $150,000 in Jackpot Drawings to Its Employee-Owners

On June 29th at shift change, the day and night shift teams at the Albertville and Boaz plants gathered in their respective break rooms for a Jackpot drawing. The management team then traveled to Phenix City, and on June 30th at shift change, the day and night shift teams of the Phenix City plant gathered in their break room for a Jackpot drawing. Any employee owner who had been with the company for a certain timeframe and exemplified good attendance had a chance to win a cash prize. Each plant location was giving away a $5,000 cash prize, two $10,000 cash prizes, and a $25,000 cash prize for a total of $50,000 in Jackpot drawings at each plant.

Albertville winners included: Xiomara V., Bailey B., Xiomara S.C., Josefina R.

Boaz winners included: Jose L.P., Estrella H., Joel C., Jose A G.

Phenix City winners included: Shameka S., Sandra T., Tyrone B., Dominick T.

Davis Lee, the founder and original owner of AlaTrade, was among the leadership team present for the Jackpot drawings. In 2020 when the company transitioned to an ESOP, Lee made the decision to do something extra special for the people working on the lines in the plants. He wanted them to know their value in helping grow the company to what it is today. He often tells a story of a turtle sitting on a fence post. “How could a turtle get on top of a fence post?” Lee asked his audience. “He rises to the top only by the work of others who put him there.”

The foundation of the AlaTrade company culture is one of putting its people and its customers as the primary focus. This culture comes from the vision of Lee. After retiring from a 40-year career working in the poultry industry, Lee found an opportunity to start his own poultry company. He always thought that if he ever owned a company, he would create a company culture that would be the cornerstone of its success.

Lee’s decision in 2020 to create an ESOP, Employee Stock Ownership Plan, epitomized the culture he created of valuing people first. The employees of AlaTrade now effectively own the company where they work, and everyone committed to growing and staying with AlaTrade would be rewarded for their hard work. Poultry processing is what AlaTrade does. Promoting people and pursuing profitability for their employee-owners and their customers is who they are.

Not only did committed employees have a chance at the AlaTrade Jackpot at the beginning of July, but they are winning everyday as employee-owners! For your opportunity to become part of this winning team, visit

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